USG People The Netherlands offers help with coordinating Dutch vaccination program

USG People the Netherlands offers help with coordinating Dutch vaccination program
The search for suitable people who can administer a vaccine has been going on for a while in The Netherlands. The Dutch vaccination program takes place via the various Municipal Health Services (GGD). USG People The Netherlands, part of the RGF Staffing family, has now offered not only to supply the staff, but also to help with planning, training and coordination.

Assistance to GGD locations

USG People The Netherlands already works closely with the national GGD and currently provides personnel to about half of the GGD locations. In addition to those who can administer a vaccine, another 4,000 people work at the GGD through USG People The Netherlands, including doctors, contact tracing researchers, team leaders, administrative support and samplers. USG People The Netherlands also has the capacity to train 1,000 people a week to administer vaccinations. Marion van Happen, COO at USG People The Netherlands: “Together with the GGD, we are doing everything we can to structurally provide the locations with the right personnel, including setting up a joint call center to keep the overall personnel planning on track. It’s of critical national importance that the vaccination program runs as efficiently as possible.”

Side by side

Because of the current coronavirus measures, millions of Dutch employees have been working from home as much as possible since the start of the outbreak in March 2019. USG People The Netherlands wants to work together with other parties to get the Dutch back to work as soon as possible. Van Happen: “Every day we receive many applications from people who offer themselves for jobs in healthcare. It's fantastic to see that there are so many who want to put their expertise to work or are willing to re-educate and help in the fight against corona. For example, we are seeing a large shift of hospitality workers who are now working in corona test streets. At the moment we have a large group of authorized vaccination employees ready to vaccinate the country’s population.”