USG People NL offers more added value thanks to a new way of working

As a staffing company we operate in an increasingly digital world in which response time is crucial. In order to meet the expectations of our clients and candidates, we need to be agile. IT solutions that fit our principles 'Simpler, faster and closer to you' are pivotal. Our Dutch brand USG People, one of the largest staffing agencies in the Netherlands, recently implemented a prime example of smart software: Mysolution.

With Mysolution, USG People and all its subsidiary brands are able to execute the entire core process within one IT environment: from request to placement and from timesheets to pay and invoicing. In combination with software solution DaVinci and backed up by a large amount of data, Mysolution also makes it possible to predict with much more certainty how well a particular candidate matches with a given job profile. With these features USG People is capable to respond much more quickly to client’s and candidate’s requests.

Standardized solution offers many advantages

USG People opted for a single IT solution for the entire organization, because a standardized solution offers many advantages in terms of efficiency, service and cost reductions. Caspar Kosse – Operational Services en IT Services – and Dominique Dingjan, program manager IT-project OPEN: "Every employee has access to the same database, and the data they generate can give us unique insights.” "Because this data is real time, we can act more quickly. Lead times are therefore considerably shorter, our work is much more efficient and every authorized user has quick and easy access to the right data", says Dominique. 

Caspar Kosse and Dominique Dingjan

The standardized process not
only speeds up the matching process but also boosts the quality. "We have developed a matching technology that runs
on the data that is made
available in Mysolution," says Caspar. Dominique: "By using
big data we can analyze which candidate profiles have proved successful in specific career paths."

Time gained used to focus on 'human touch'

The time that USG People gains from using this new way of working is used by the organization to focus on the 'human touch', so it offers clients and candidates much more added value.

Michael Whitmer, Global CIO RGF Staffing: “The new infrastructure has allowed us to further simplify and digitalize our technology footprint which creates a strong focus on the "human touch thru tech". As well, it drives business value via a best in class experience for our clients and candidates as an intermediary in work.