Creating value

At RGF Staffing our focus is on creating new value for our society to contribute to a brighter world where all individuals can live life to the fullest. That’s the basic principle behind everything we do.

Our vision

Follow Your Heart.

We envision a world where individuals and businesses can focus on what really matters. The more people are free to pursue their passions, the better our future becomes.

Opportunities for Life.
Faster, simpler and closer to you.

Our mission

Opportunities for Life.

Faster, simpler and closer to you.

Since our foundation, we have connected individuals and businesses offering both a multitude of choices.

In this era of search, where information has become available anytime anywhere, we need to focus more on proposing the optimal choice. We seek to provide "Opportunities for Life" much faster, surprisingly simpler and closer than ever before.

The opportunity bridge

‘Opportunities for Life. Faster, simpler and closer to you’ is our mission.

The blue arch in our logo represents the symbolism of a bridge that connects people to a better world of opportunities. By doing so, RGF Staffing connects:

People and opportunities
The present and the future
Individuals and their wider world

Our values


What we do isn’t a job. We enjoy exploring what is possible for our future. We question the status quo, fail well and overcome with resilience. We are a force for change.



We are a team of people fueled by curiosity. We respect and capitalize on each other’s differences. We know that one person’s crazy idea, when backed by data and research, can become the best bet.


We, as global citizens, strive to contribute to a sustainable society through all of our corporate activities. Each one of us is committed to seeking out the needs of society and taking action for a better future.