History & Highlights

The roots of RGF Staffing go back to 1960 when its mother company, Recruit, started its activities in Tokyo, Japan. 

Over the years Recruit has developed into a global leader in HR services, with leading positions in established business segments as well as in high-growth new economy industries. Recruit’s position in staffing has also expanded over the years, both through organic growth and acquisitions.

In 2018 all Recruit’s staffing businesses around the world were united under the umbrella brand RGF Staffing. RGF Staffing represents a global network of approximately 20,000 employees with over $ 12 billion in annual revenue.

Timeline of the staffing business establishment and expansion


Corporate story

From the very start, Recruit’s mission has been to connect people, generating career opportunities that enrich people, businesses and society as a whole.

Our story begins in 1960, in a prefab unit located on a rooftop in Tokyo’s Nishi Shimbashi district, with the launch of an initiative designed to address the needs of two specific groups: companies that are looking for people to recruit and students who are looking for jobs.

The ‘Invitation to Companies’ magazines, which listed the positions each company was offering to new graduates that year, rapidly became widely known throughout Japan.

Opening up markets

In subsequent decades the company took the expertise it developed to open up the market for all kinds of new HR media and staffing businesses.

By proving adaptable to changing times and needs, Recruit established a reputation for taking on new challenges, creating new value and opportunities, doing so firstly in Japan, and from the turn of the century in one overseas market after another.

More recently, we have begun to expand and diversify our services, for example by providing operational support to small and mid-sized companies.

We have become a global industry leader, yet we’ve never lost sight of our original mission: offering ‘Opportunities for Life’ to enrich society.

Especially now, when information has become available anytime anywhere, we need to focus even further on offering people the right choices, much faster, surprisingly simpler, and closer than ever before.