Recruit Holdings annual report: 'A clear focus on value over volume'

Recruit Holdings has presented its Annual Report 2019. In the report, the CEO of Recruit Holdings and the heads of the strategic business units of Recruit Holdings give an insight in the performances this year, and share their vision on topics that are important to Recruit Holdings.

Rob Zandbergen, CEO of Recruit Global Staffing and head of the Staffing SBU, shares his vision on how Recruit Global Staffing can contribute to society by creating a smart and agile organization:

“Our operational priority — productivity improvement — will be realized through the leveraging of our strong local market positions with a clear focus on value over volume, driven by our Unit Management philosophy. This applies not only to our existing products and services, but also will help guide us as we work to establish new revenue streams. This strategy, together with our empowered employees, will strengthen our competitiveness while supporting the transformation of the Staffing SBU into an agile, technology-driven business to meet job seekers’ and enterprise clients’ needs and to have an increasingly meaningful impact on them.”

Download full annual report 2019 PDF:
You can find Rob Zandbergen’s message on page 59.