USG People Belgium and USG People France become RGF Staffing: local strength, global impact

RGF Staffing is proud to announce that as of 14th December, USG People Belgium will adopt a new name: RGF Staffing Belgium. A new name for a leading player on the local staffing market, with established and high-profile brands including, Start People, Unique, USG Professionals, Bright Plus and Solvus. As of today USG People France also adopts a new name: RGF Staffing France, with their brands Start People and Onesys.

The clue to the change of the names is in the names itself. RGF is short for Recruit Global Family. And that’s precisely what we are: an international network of local brands that are connected as a global family business. In fact, RGF Staffing is the world’s largest network of staffing companies, which stretches across four continents and provides work for around 300,000 people every single day.

Backed up by a global network

Rob Zandbergen, CEO RGF Staffing: “That’s a message that we want to bring across more effectively. After all, it has clear and direct benefits for both our customers and candidates. It means our local experts are backed up by a global network of industry experts. By a financially strong mother organization, with an annual revenue of more than 10 billion euros. It also means we have the scale and ambition to invest in innovative services with real added value. Including smart, digital solutions – an area in which we also benefit from family connections with leading pioneers such as Indeed and Glassdoor. Like RGF Staffing proud members of Recruit Holdings. I’m pleased that Belgium and France are the first countries that adopt RGF Staffing as part of their name.”

Delivering great value 

In Belgium the new name highlights the strengths of the strong local brands, such as Start People, Unique, USG Professionals, Bright Plus and Solvus. Country Director RGF Staffing Belgium Katty Scheerlinck: “These will continue to be at the frontline of our efforts to help customers and candidates here in Belgium. After all, they are strongly embedded in the local labor market and are close to our customers and candidates, in every way. It’s our local brands here in Belgium who continue to deliver great value and an outstanding experience. Faster, simpler and closer to our customers, thanks to our people’s expertise and supported by smart technology and digitalization.” And it’s precisely because of our local focus, linked to a strong global network, that we are able to deliver on that promise. Country Director RGF Staffing France Olivier Guiraud: “We’re proud to be part the RGF Staffing family. Together we’re building a bright future for Start People and Onesys, our clients and candidates.”

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