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Rob Zandbergen CEO RGF Staffing 765 x 350

At Recruit Holdings’ investor update event on March 26, 2024, RGF Staffing explained its business strategy as part of Recruit Group. During the event, leaders from the Group’s three strategic business units (SBUs) - HR Technology, Matching & Solutions and Staffing - explained how together they’re helping to simplify hiring.

Chief Executive Officer Rob Zandbergen shared how, to date, RGF Staffing has built a highly productive business through its continuous focus on operational excellence. “We are now in the unique position of having access to the capabilities and technologies within our entire Recruit group,” explains Zandbergen. As part of Recruit, RGF Staffing is well positioned to serve a key role to make the hiring experience easier for both employees and employers. With RGF Staffing’s industry expertise and data, combined with the knowledge and technological capabilities within Recruit Group, no other staffing company has these kinds of resources and proven ability to innovate.

A new phase of growth

The global temporary staffing market is a large, highly fragmented market. The largest players have only a few percent market share and there are many players in the market with low productivity levels and limited technological capabilities. Out-innovating competitors will enable RGF Staffing to take market share in its existing markets.


We are now in the unique position of having access to the capabilities and technologies within our entire Recruit group

Furthermore, RGF Staffing is also convinced the temporary staffing workforce penetration can grow and the overall addressable market can expand in the longer term. Within the markets RGF Staffing operates in, temporary staffing agency workforce represents on average approximately 2.5% of the total workforce. Automation and the use of technology will make the temporary market more efficient and attractive to workers. By investing in these areas, RGF Staffing can offer greater value to the markets it operates in today, and thus usher in a new phase of growth for the company.

Accelerate the process from job opening to employment

Today’s staffing processes are still inefficient and complex, as staffing requires a lot of human interaction and manual work. “In our core staffing operations, there are still many opportunities to further improve processes through the effective use of data and AI,” Zandbergen explains. “We are focused on accelerating the process from job opening to employment at our local companies by leveraging technology. For example: improving the speed and quality of matching, and increasing the retention of temporary workers and automating manual processes. Basically, we are gradually driving the core business towards automated and AI-supported processes with fewer human interactions.” Ultimately, the use of data and AI will help improve the quality of matches and better support temporary and project workers with finding attractive assignments and organizing their projects more easily.

Rapidly adapt and scale digital transformation

By leveraging the advanced technology and the billions of insights Recruit Group has to offer, RGF Staffing is well equipped to be the most innovative staffing platform. Initiatives such as Indeed Flex, a joint initiative of Indeed and RGF Staffing which offers temporary staffing services through a digital marketplace, are bringing temporary workers and companies together in new ways. And additional joint initiatives are underway to leverage the best matching technology and automate our processes to improve workflows. “For example, tests are currently underway at one of our major Japanese operating companies to start implementing Recruit’s AI-based matching engine,” Zandbergen clarifies. “In my nearly 25 years of experience in staffing, this is an exciting, innovative step forward. So far, the early results are very encouraging.”

The cross-SBU cooperation will be a major enabler to scale digital initiatives across Recruit. Ultimately, this will contribute to the further development of a more efficient and more flexible labor market.