Together we celebrate Recruit Group’s rich history

To celebrate its 60th anniversary, Recruit Group shares 60 of its favorite stories from operating companies that describe some of the challenges we have faced and accomplishments to be proud of.

"At RGF Staffing, I sense the drive and determination of every operating company to achieve our common goal: coming out of the situation imposed on us by the COVID-19 outbreak even stronger than we were before. As CEO I’m proud to see so much hard work and devotion. RGF Staffing is a great and sustainable company, which is also reflected by the fact that we are part of Recruit Group. This year, 2020, marks our 60th anniversary. To celebrate, Recruit Group shares 60 of its favorite stories from operating companies that describe some of the challenges we have faced and accomplishments to be proud of. 

I encourage you to read all of the stories, but if you would like to focus on the stories that highlight the work of RGF Staffing, you will find a number of links at the end of this blog.  

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Let me give you a bit of Recruit Group’s history to help put these stories in context:  Recruit was launched in 1960 in a prefabricated rooftop unit in Shimbashi, Tokyo. A lot has changed since then - what started as a small company producing job-advertisement brochures for new university graduates - has evolved into a global network of human resources network and information service platforms. Today, Recruit Group employs over 45,000 people and connects millions of individuals with employers and business service providers in over 60 countries.

In its rich history, Recruit Group has upheld its mission to connect people with “Opportunities for Life” and solve problems for employees and businesses in innovative and empathetic ways. It is this commitment that connects all of the different services Recruit Group provides across every country we serve. And it is this dedication that has driven our company for 60 years and will continue to drive us into the future. 


RGF Staffing played an important role in Recruit’s history and will continue to play a vital part in Recruit’s future. I am incredibly grateful for all the work we’ve done at RGF Staffing. Our role continues to grow and evolve as our clients’ and partners’ needs keep changing. I’m convinced that we will meet those needs, that we will grow and solve new HR-related challenges and that we will continue to create Opportunities for the next 60 years. For our own employees, for our clients and the people we help to find work."

Rob Zandbergen CEO RGF Staffing

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