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I’m immensely proud to introduce RGF Connect, a global social program designed to connect underserved groups and communities to education, training and work. With RGF Connect we are helping underrepresented people in order to create a stronger and more inclusive society.

Our company is committed to offering opportunities for life, by bridging the gap between people and employment. We’re constantly striving to strengthen our impact, by pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and by exploring new ways of doing things. The RGF Connect initiative is all about building bridges and breaking down barriers. I’m excited about the positive impact this will have on individuals and local communities around the world: this is going to enable meaningful change for lots of people!

A more inclusive society

The RGF Connect program is fully in line with our ambition to become the most sustainable staffing company by 2030 and to put people at the heart of our business decisions. We’re prioritizing people, by building bridges to education, training and employment and by breaking down barriers, stigmas and prejudice. With the ultimate goal of creating a more inclusive society for everyone.

RGF Connect would not be possible without everyone here at RGF Staffing and all our passionate colleagues from across the world. Ensuring fair and equal opportunities for everyone is what drives our team forward and it's this dedication, determination and passion that will enable us to achieve our goals. In addition to the new initiatives, we already have many meaningful and heartwarming social projects in place. We intend to further expand the scope and momentum of social initiatives. I’m grateful to everyone who has helped us on our journey so far, and I can’t wait to see what we will achieve together.

Meaningful employment

Together with our operating companies we are creating a global network of social local projects, that connect underserved people to education, training and work. Together we’re working towards our common goal, and while each local organization is focused on its own vital initiative, every single one of them contributes to our overall purpose: to help more people obtain meaningful employment.

Just imagine…

  • providing career pathways for women experiencing inequity.
  • guiding young talent who experience barriers to take the next step in their career and play a part in society
  • building job opportunities for the elderly.
  • guiding single mothers to flexible and better career opportunities.
  • creating workplaces that work for people with hearing challenges.
  • empowering underrepresented students and individuals to enter the field of technology.
  • enabling people getting out of the US justice system to get back into society through work.
  • helping students with disabilities to set the foundations for a fulfilling career.

I myself passionately believe that our operating companies’ initiatives can create local ripple effects, that will cause a global wave. Let’s not forget: this is all about putting people first. Helping them to thrive. Ensuring a better future for everyone.

So, I wish you a warm welcome to our RGF Connect journey. I hope you’ll follow our progress: discover more about our initiatives and our mission. And watch our RGF Connect video.

Rob Zandbergen CEO RGF Staffing


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