Together Easy Way and ASA serve candidates and clients even better

Header image news ASA and Easy Way
The RGF Staffing operating companies are constantly looking for new opportunities for clients and candidates. Where necessary, they develop new concepts or tweak existing ones to better suit the needs of partners and talent. Dutch brands Easy Way and ASA - part of RGF Staffing the Netherlands - have joined forces to ensure their partners continue to be provided with talent, and candidates with meaningful jobs.

Easy Way has been a household name in the Dutch automotive industry for almost 30 years and is the market leader in the Netherlands for driver and transport services. ASA is a leading employment agency for students, starters and professionals. For more than 50 years, ASA has been placing talent in sectors ranging from hospitality to business services.

New opportunities

The partnership between Easy Way and ASA opens up new opportunities and fits in seamlessly with the ambition to deliver best-in-class service. With ASA as a new parent company, Easy Way’s existing partnerships can be expanded, as from now on it is also possible to supply developers, planners or finance employees, for example. For the candidate, the partnership opens up a wealth of new career opportunities, from a job as a driver at Easy Way to entry-level professional roles via at ASA. 

Changing market

Offering a wide range of career opportunities is crucial to attracting new generations of candidates. Maximilian Krijgsman, who is both Easy Way’s General Manager and Regional Manager at ASA: “They expect more from staffing companies. Our unique and flexible service concept has always been a perfect fit for many student drivers, yet in the current labour market we have to go the extra mile to meet their changing demands. Candidates want to have more control. For example, a student might commit today to a short drive for a lease company, but tomorrow he or she will want to work for a client in the delivery sector for a longer period. As an employer, you have to be able to offer both in order to retain your talent pool.”

On the customer side a lot is changing as well. More than ever, the automotive branch is in motion. Krijgsman: “Easy Way sees that quality and experience play an even more important role for customers than before. Hospitality is no longer a ‘nice to have’, but an absolute ‘must’. By joining forces with ASA, they can respond to this trend even better.”