Advantage Resourcing in UK rebranded as Certain Advantage


RGF Staffing UK is proud to announce the launch of a new name, look and feel for their Manchester-based recruitment brand, Advantage Resourcing. From now on, they’ll be known as Certain Advantage.

In the last two years, RGF Staffing UK’s business has undergone transformational change under the leadership of CEO Lisa McLean. Since her appointment in September 2022, the company has developed new recruitment and payroll services to meet clients' demands across the UK.

Certainty in Change

CEO Lisa McLean remarked on why the rebrand was happening now: “Our business has completely transformed in the last 18 months. We’ve listened to what our clients want and evolved our service lines to reflect that. We wanted our colleagues to have a brand representative of what they do that matched their ambition to succeed. We’re working in a crowded marketplace, and this refreshed image lets us cut through that noise and be transparent about what we stand for. I firmly believe that every client we work with deserves nothing less than extraordinary individuals - who can transform their business.” 

This new brand look and feel reflects our high standards and aspirations and how we value a new hire's impact in a role 

Previously, the business success was focused on high-volume contingent recruitment. A strategic review of the marketplace indicated that there was an opportunity for the team to provide more value to existing and new clients in:

  • Permanent Staffing
  • Retained Search
  • Temporary Staffing
  • Contract Staffing
  • Payroll outsourcing

With a skills shortage continuing to dominate across the UK, the recruitment teams will focus on the markets they know best – Finance and Accounting, IT, Marketing, HR and Engineering. They are still delivering extraordinary candidates to make a tangible impact in the organizations they join.

The new brand positioning represents:

  • Going the extra mile to find the best candidates
  • Having high standards and aspirations
  • Focusing on attitude as well as skills and qualifications
  • Measuring and valuing tangible impact

About Certain Advantage

Certain Advantage is one of two recruitment agencies by RGF Staffing UK. Operating since 1989, it is based in Sale, Greater Manchester, and delivers volume and professional services recruitment nationwide. RGF Staffing UK is also the parent company of London-based recruitment firm Crone Corkill.