RGF Staffing’s Mentor Me brings new perspectives on talent’s career opportunities

RGF Staffing is very excited to announce the start of Mentor Me, a new global mentoring program with which we drive the career development of our talents. Angela Ashwell, Global Head of Talent, Performance & Inclusion: “We have exceptionally skilled people at RGF Staffing. With the Mentor Me program we can benefit from their talents and expertise across our operating companies, in a way that allows these colleagues to accelerate their career development.”

At RGF Staffing we aspire to be the most sustainable staffing business by 2030. One of the key goals is to promote equity and inclusion for all. Numerous projects and initiatives have been launched to achieve our ambition, both at our local operating companies and their brands and on a global level.

Mentor me focusses on two topics

Mentor Me is a particularly exciting example. The program will launch three mentoring groups over the year 2023. Over 80 employees worldwide signed up to participate. 

Mentor Me focuses on two topics. The first is supporting female leaders. Our starting group of participants will be ‘Developing Female Leaders’. Our aim here is to further support female leaders, at all levels, by connecting them with senior leaders across the business, to learn from their expertise and gain a different perspective on their career development.

The second Mentor Me topic is all about technology and innovation, two focus areas of our business. The goal here is to support our digital strategy by further developing our tech and digital talent in their careers across RGF Staffing.

Emma Northway, Global Head HR at RGF Staffing: “By connecting people globally, we can promote inclusion, enhance our internal leadership capabilities, and most importantly: it helps people see what can be achieved and what opportunities are out there. Looking forward, we know that in order to have true impact, we have to look deeper, from angles we’ve not looked at before.”

Developing Female Leaders' will support RGF Staffing’s up and coming female leaders in their career development, in support of our goal of increasing our female leader population.