Start People and Dutch universities predict career paths using digital tools

Start People The Netherlands makes smart use of digital tools to quickly collect, structure and categorise vacancies, CVs and other data in order to advise and support both candidate and client even more successfully.

300,000 CVs analysed

Together with two leading Dutch universities (University of Amsterdam and VU Amsterdam), Start People analysed 300,000 CVs using machine learning. The results make it possible to predict career paths and successful career switches. For example, it appears that sales employees often function well as customer service employees and that drivers often make a successful transition to a position as security officer.

Accelerating and optimising processes

The study is just one example of how Start People uses digital resources to accelerate and optimise recruitment process. Keyword analyses are combined with artificial intelligence to improve vacancy texts and algorithms highlight promising training opportunities. And the success rate of a recruitment campaign can be predicted and closely monitored.

Human Touch remains key

Although technology and digitalization simplify and improve processes, Start People believes that the 'Human Touch' remains essential. Human insights and the intermediary’s intuition are key to making the perfect match. Does a candidate fit within a certain corporate culture and a team? Questions like this can only be answered with the right Human Touch.

Find out more in Start People’s trend paper

These and other examples of how humans and technology interact can be found in the new trend paper 'Faster towards the right candidate - How digitalization makes recruitment more personal than ever'. The trend paper can be downloaded via this link (Dutch only).