“If I have a problem, I don’t want to be tied to just one solution”

Wang Qing, temp worker through Recruit Staffing at HENNGE K.K. (Cloud Sales & Marketing Division) in Tokyo (Japan).

"I moved from my hometown Xi’an in China to Tokyo early 2015 because I was very interested in Japan. I wanted to learn the language, get to know the country itself and its culture, and I wanted to study there. I really wanted to see with my own eyes what it was like to live in Japan.

If I have to summarize the atmosphere and mentality of life in Tokyo, I would say that I feel a lot of freedom, because everyone gives you the space to live your own life. The people don't interfere with others. That kind of freedom is important to me.”

Work is an opportunity to get to know Japanese culture

“Studying in Japan (I studied Business & Marketing at Rikkyo University in Tokyo) wasn’t my only goal. I also wanted to work. I think it's important to be self-supporting and I simply needed an income. But I also saw work as an opportunity to get to know Japanese culture even better, besides my time at school. I started working as a shop clerk for a global fast food restaurant. That was ok for the time being. I got to know a little bit more about working with Japanese people and I learned the language, although it remained very basic: 'Hi’. and 'How are you doing?’, was about as far as I got.

I wanted more, so I looked for a new challenge in which I could improve my Japanese and my English as well. A colleague brought me into contact with Recruit Staffing. They introduced me to HENNGE K.K. Soon after the interview HENNGE K.K. offered me a job as administrative assistant. One of my main tasks was to correspond with customers and business partners via email. I worked there for 1.5  years.”

The important lessons I’ve learned

“Recruit Staffing not only helped me with my application, but I also had a strong sense that they would be there to back me up if anything would happen during my time at HENNGE K.K. I didn’t have any negative experiences at HENNGE K.K., so I never had to call Recruit Staffing for help. But the fact that they were there if needed made me feel safe. Above all Recruit Staffing taught me some important lessons: don't give up, have trust in yourself and always look ahead.”

The help of HENNGE K.K. and Recruit Staffing really prepared me for the next step in my career

“The culture in Japan, especially in Tokyo, is a lot more Western than in China. The corporate culture of HENNGE K.K. has some truly Western influences, but on the other hand it’s a real Japanese company. For instance: it’s very important to show respect to your boss. And working very hard is the norm. It’s a way of taking care of your colleagues, another important aspect of the Japanese corporate culture. I have learned to take responsibility and to always search for ways to do my work more accurate.

My job at HENNGE K.K. was my first one at a real Japanese company, much more so than the fast food restaurant. In the years I worked here I have grown considerably in the areas I wanted to grow when I came to Japan. I now understand the culture and the work ethics. HENNGE K.K. and Recruit Staffing have really prepared me for my next career step: a job at another Japanese company, where I will start on April 1, 2019. It’s a company that provides IT-solutions for security.”

The land of opportunities

“I also know what I want after this new job: to move to yet another country. America is where I dream of. For me, it stands for new ideas, a different culture, different people, different food and a lot of freedom. I love that. I aspire to a job in the beauty sector. Before I moved from China to Japan I worked as a beauty consultant for a while. Skincare, make-up and perfume, that's where my real passion lies. I think there are opportunities for me in America. Although I still have a lot to learn. Currently I am immersing myself in the beauty sector. What products are there? How does the sector work? If there is a possibility in let’s say five years' time, I'll be ready to seize it.


My idea to go to America stems from my great interest in other cultures and the will to get to know cultures that are totally different than those I already know. Hence my move to Japan. I have always had and cherish the drive to meet new people, other religions, and other ideas. I think it makes me a better person. I think that if one learns from other cultures, it enriches not only your personal life, but also your work life. For example, if I have a problem, I don't want to be tied to just one possible solution, just because it's the only solution I learned. By understanding other cultures you can approach a problem from a different angle, which means you have more solutions to choose from.”

Meeting other people and learning about new ideas, religions and cultures makes you a better person

No pressure

“I'm quite a busy person. I follow ballet and hot yoga classes and I like to draw manga paintings. All in all my schedule is packed with activities and tasks, yet I don’t feel any pressure. Things just happen and most of you can’t control anyway. Besides, it was my own choice to emigrate to Japan and to combine work here with my studies and all those other things. For me it’s easy to separate different aspects in my life. When I'm done working, I switch to student mode. When I have finished studying, I switch to my hobbies. Pressure is not good. And on the rare occasions I do feel it, I tackle it immediately.”

Wang Qing