RGF Connect: building bridges and breaking barriers for people around the world

RGF Connect

RGF Staffing has introduced RGF Connect: a global social program designed to help underserved groups and communities through education and employment opportunities.

RGF Staffing is dedicated to providing life-changing opportunities for everyone. We’re incredibly proud to announce the launch of RGF Connect: a global social program that supports underserved people with education, training, and employment opportunities. An exciting leap forward as we work towards creating more inclusive societies around the world.

The RGF Connect initiative is all about building bridges and breaking down barriers. Through local education initiatives and employment opportunities, RGF Staffing and its operating companies across the world are contributing to a fairer society, by helping more people obtain meaningful employment.

Yvonne Mastenbroek (Chief Sustainability Officer RGF Staffing) explains: “Within RGF Connect we are creating a global network of social local projects, that connect underserved people to education, training and work. I’m excited about the positive impact this will have on individuals and local communities around the world: this is going to enable meaningful change for lots of people!”

This RGF Connect video shows how this local social projects will create ripples around the world, which can build up into one global wave…

“Most sustainable staffing company”

The RGF Connect program is fully in line with our ambition to become the most sustainable staffing company by 2030”, says Rob Zandbergen (CEO RGF Staffing). “We’re prioritizing people, by building bridges to employment and by breaking down barriers, stigmas and prejudice. RGF Connect will help to take our ESG agenda to a next level, embedding it in our DNA. It will help us, as a global company, to work towards the ultimate goal of creating a more inclusive society for everyone.” “In addition to the new initiatives, we already have many meaningful and heartwarming social projects in place”, Yvonne continues. “We intend to further expand the scope and momentum of social initiatives.”

“Let’s embrace this social program”

RGF Connect would not be possible without the enthusiasm and commitment of employees at RGF Staffing and its operating companies around the world. Rob: “It's the dedication, determination and passion of our employees that will enable us to achieve our goals. We are grateful to everyone in our operating companies who has helped us on our journey so far. I can hardly wait to see what we can achieve together.”

Yvonne Mastenbroek continues: “We passionately believe that together with all operating companies’ initiatives, RGF Connect will create local ripples around the world, which can build up into one global wave. Let’s not forget: it’s all about putting people first, to help them thrive and ensure a better future for everyone. Let’s embrace this social program and make this ambition a reality!”

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