Joint research shows: keeping companies agile by ensuring quality staffing needs

RGF staffing Joint research shows keeping companies agile by ensuring quality staffing needs. Picture brooke-cagle-g1Kr4Ozfoac-unsplash
How an international staffing network and strong mutual commitment deliver unique insights in the global market? Together with Chandler Macleod Group (Asia Pacific), Staffmark Group (USA) and The CSI Companies (USA) we joined forces. Our joint research led to interesting insights in the staffing markets in the Asia-Pacific region and the US. The results can contribute to a stronger position for companies worldwide during these challenging times and in the future.

Meeting staffing needs

In order to meet their business goals companies are more than ever before looking for smart staffing solutions that keep them agile at times when demand and supply chain fluctuate sharply. They expect staffing companies to offer them those solutions and help them find high-quality, diverse candidates. 

Many companies are seeing an increased need for contingent-to-perm placement candidates to help meet their changing staffing needs. Nearly half of them expect to use a staffing agency to fill those contingent-to-perm placement roles after the COVID-19 pandemic (an increase compared to pre-pandemic levels). Employers depend on staffing agencies to deliver quality leads and quickly meet their staffing needs during this confusing time. Throughout the pandemic, hiring managers continue to use staffing businesses to fill temporary positions and rely on staffing agencies to recruit, check, screen, interview and qualify candidates.

Adaptation and new ways of working

To relieve the pressure on clients and ensure an effective hiring process, staffing agencies themselves have also had to become more agile. RGF Staffing’s companies quickly adapted to an environment in which remote work is the norm by making regular recruitment methods more digital without losing sight of the human touch.

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