Recruit Global Staffing becomes RGF Staffing

RGS becomes RGF staffing
Recruit Global Staffing, one of the world’s largest providers of HR services, has changed its name to RGF Staffing. The company already provides employment for hundreds of thousands of people each day. With the rebranding, the company underlines its unique position to move the global labor market forward as an international family of leading brands.

RGF in RGF Staffing stands for Recruit Global Family. We are a family of HR service providers across four continents. Our main brands include Advantage Resourcing, Bright Plus, Chandler Macleod, Peoplebank, Recruit Staffing, Secretary Plus, Solvus, Staffmark, Staff Service, Start People, The CSI Companies, Unique and USG Professionals. The group provides employment and career opportunities for over 300,000 people each day.

RGF Staffing’s local brands will continue to operate under their established names, as part of the successful ‘local for local’ strategy. The brands are strongly embedded in the local labor markets, which means they are close to their customers and candidates. By emphasizing that the local brand is ‘Part of RGF Staffing’, we highlight that our local professionals are part of a global network of industry experts, backed up by a financially strong mother organization, with an annual revenue of 12 billion dollars.

CEO Rob Zandbergen: “Our key commitment is to work ‘faster, simpler’ and to be ever ‘closer’ to our customers and candidates. To deliver on that promise, we combine the insights of our committed professionals with the huge potential of digital technology and artificial intelligence. RGF Staffing represents the global family of dedicated people that seize those opportunities and make a difference.”