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Project RGF Connect - GOALS experiences a fantastic kickoff

21/09/2023 – In the Netherlands, a new talent program has been launched for young people who could use a helping hand: RGF Connect - GOALS. The kickoff took place at Almere City FC soccer club.

Yvonne Mastenbroek - Chief Sustainability Officer RGF Staffing

Harnessing Collective Power to Address Our Global Challenges 

28/08/2023 – Yvonne Mastenbroek (Chief Sustainability Officer RGF Staffing): "Over the years I have become increasingly aware of the inequality within our society and the lack of opportunities some people have. So, when I had the opportunity to address inequalities through our new RGF Connect initiative, I didn’t hesitate. I jumped at the chance."

Let’s celebrate 1 year of CSI Connect

27/07/2023 – Exactly one year ago, the CSI Connect Internship Program was launched in Jacksonville, Florida (USA). How a local ripple can build up into a global wave…

RGF Connect: building bridges and breaking barriers for people around the world

08/06/2023 - RGF Staffing has introduced RGF Connect: a global social program designed to help underserved groups and communities through education and employment opportunities.