What does a fairer society look like? For us it’s a society that offers equal opportunities and empowerment for all. Through RGF Connect's education initiatives and local employment opportunities, we’re bridging gaps and breaking down barriers to the job market. Creating a stronger and more inclusive society for all.

Yvonne Mastenbroek (Chief Sustainability Officer RGF Staffing):
“Within RGF Connect we are creating a global network of social local projects, that connect underserved people to education, training and work. This is going to enable meaningful change for lots of people!”




Learn more about the initiatives that RGF Staffing’s operating companies have launched. Local projects that connect people to education, training and work.

“Building job opportunities for the elderly”

RGF Staffing Germany is building job opportunities for the elderly. Helping those who may struggle financially after retirement, or who experience lonelyness. Enabling communities to shortages in the labor market, for instance in childcare. This program helps to bring the elderly and communities closer together. Read more...

“Guiding young talent who experience barriers to take the next step in their career and play a part in society”

RGF Staffing The Netherlands is running a program to guide young talent who experience barriers as they look to take the next step in their careers. Whether they are struggling to find work, or lack equal access to educational opportunities. The Dutch program will guide and mentor them from education to work, to find a fulfilling role in society.

“Make work more accessible to people with hearing challenges”

RGF Staffing Belgium wants to make work more accessible to people with hearing challenges. Guiding them to workplaces that work for them. Making it much easier for people with hearing impairments or Cochlear implants to live up to their potential. Read more...

“Providing career pathways for women experiencing inequity”

RGF Staffing APEJ will provide women with valuable career pathways, in collaboration with clients. Focussing on women who need help most, for example long-term unemployed, single mothers, mature age people, and those with low literacy or digital skills. Read more...

“Empowering underrepresented students and individuals to enter the field of technology”

CSI Connect is an existing initiative of CSI Companies, which will ramp up as part of RGF Connect. Focused on helping underrepresented students and individuals to enter the field of technology, CSI Connect will expand to more schools, more interns, and more opportunities. Read more...

“Enabling people getting out of the US justice system to get back into society through work”

Staffmark Group are helping one of the largest marginalized groups in the USA, people exiting the justice system. The team is creating opportunities with clients through programs to help individuals back into society through mentoring and work. Read more...

“Helping students with disabilities set the foundations for fulfilling careers”

Recruit Staffing are helping students with disabilities set the foundations for fulfilling careers. Through partnerships with specialist schools throughout Japan, young disabled people discover their potential, and to gain the skills needed to start remote working. Read more...

“Guiding single mothers to flexible and better career opportunities that work for them”

Staff Service Group will create a multi-generational impact. Guiding single mothers to flexible career opportunities that work for them. By developing the skills needed to build high-value careers, Staff Service Group is not only supporting these mothers, but will inspire and enable future generations to pursue education and high-value careers.


RGF Connect is a global social program that supports underserved people with education, training, and employment opportunities.  It started with the RGF Connectors at RGF Staffing's operating companies who participated in a four-month development program: from idea, to business plan and - last but not least -  realization of an initiative aimed at creating educational and job opportunities for a local, underserved communityThe initiatives are being rolled out in Australia, USA, Belgium, Germany, Japan and the Netherlands. And we are excited that France and UK will follow soon as well. Through RGF Connect, RGF Staffing and its operating companies across the world are contributing to a fairer society, by helping more people obtain meaningful employment. RGF Connect will create local ripples around the world, which can build up into one global wave. It’s all about putting people first, to help them thrive, ensuring a better future for everyone.