Dutch Medi Interim brings 'carepower' to its full potential

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For over 40 years, Medi Interim has been the HR partner for the Dutch healthcare sector, of which a large part as business unit of Start People the Netherlands, part of RGF Staffing. In order to serve the Dutch healthcare sector even better, and fulfill its function as career portal at an higher level, Medi Interim becomes an independent brand within the RGF Staffing network.

With 1.4 million employees, the health sector is an important employer in the Netherlands, yet it also struggles for quite some time with a large shortage of personnel. Therefore, healthcare deserves extra attention and focus. The new Medi Interim can offer both even better, with a new and innovative platform that provides tailor-made recruitment for the entire sector.

Ensuring the quality of healthcare

Jantine Pater, Managing Director at Medi Interim: "More than ever, we are aware of the impact that the lack of sufficient healthcare professionals can have on our well-being. Having the right professionals with the right skills in the right place at the right time is absolutely essential to ensure the quality of care."

Medi Interim is committed to guarantee that by bringing healthcare professionals and organizations together. With everything in one place - from now on with its own logo, a user-friendly website and its own portal for talents and clients.

Pater: "Together we want to make even more impact for healthcare. Because people in this sector have a unique gift. They have the knowledge, strength and mentality to help others. No matter what! That's what we at Medi Interim call ‘carepower’. And as a partner, we want to do even more justice to that power."

Looking forward to further growth

Rob Zandbergen, CEO RGF Staffing: "For decades, Medi Interim has been matching the ambitions of healthcare specialists with the needs of organizations, while at the same time offering customized solutions to the entire sector. That is something we at RGF Staffing are very proud of. I congratulate the colleagues with this step and look forward to the further growth of this unique brand."