Reflecting on Pride Month 2021

Pride Collage

RGF Staffing companies around the world wholeheartedly supported Pride Month 2021.

The pandemic may have restricted the options for celebrating Pride Month, but on social media, in sports stadiums and on countless other platforms, it touched the public imagination like never before. RGF Staffing companies supported the event, although we are keenly aware that real commitment requires that we live the spirit of Pride Month each and every day. The huge presence of Pride Month 2021 on social media and the explicit support from politicians and companies highlight a growing sensitivity to the challenges that the LGBTQ+ communities have faced and still face to this day. At RGF Staffing we share this concern. 

“Embrace Diversity, Equity & Inclusion”

RGF Staffing’s CEO Rob Zandbergen explains: “As a people business, we pride ourselves on our open, inclusive culture. To strengthen this culture, we have committed to ‘Embrace Diversity, Equity & Inclusion’ as a core pillar in our overall sustainability goals. Not only to put the spotlights on what we want to achieve but also to become publicly accountable.”

CSI Companies: fundraising for a local charity

It is no surprise then that our businesses have participated in a number of initiatives around the world in celebration of Pride Month. For example, CSI Companies have raised funds for Jasmyn, a local charity in Jacksonville, Florida, who support and empower LGBTQ+ young people by creating safe space, providing health and wholeness services and offer youth development services. Alisha Clough, VP of HR for CSI Companies “CSI’s donations will contribute to the construction of their new location that will help house displaced LGBTQ+ youth. It is my hope that in support of Pride as we progress through our I&D initiatives, that we can get more involved in supporting Jasmyn and the people they serve in our local community.”

Staffmark Group: spotlights on the history and purpose of Pride Month

Staffmark Group, meanwhile, used their communication channels to throw the spotlight on the history and purpose of Pride Month. Chief HR Officer, Suzanne Perry: “At Staffmark, we pride ourselves on building and supporting teams that represent different backgrounds and perspectives. We celebrated Pride Month across our business through active engagement with our people on how we can gain a better understanding of the challenges that the LGBTQ+ community face and how we can actively engage with them, as allies. The more inclusive we are, the better our workplaces will be.”

 “We fully understand that our work is not done”

Rob Zandbergen: “It has been wonderful to see so many organizations participating in the celebrations of Pride Month and of course, Pride Day 2021. At the same time, we fully understand that our work is not done. Real commitment requires that we continuously invest time and resources, and that’s what we will continue to do. Our goal is to fully integrate our commitment to diversity and inclusion into every single business strategy and activity. We want our people to know that they belong, whatever their background”.

 At RGF Staffing, we are proud to play a small part in supporting Pride Month. By participating in ongoing dialogue and understanding, we strive to ensure that we are a prominent advocate to our colleagues, clients, candidates, friends and family members in the LGBTQ+ communities.