USG People celebrates positive Dutch development at BID

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RGF Staffing and all its subsidiaries want to have a positive impact on society, on a local, national and global scale. RGF Staffing aims to contribute to a brighter world where all individuals can live life to the fullest. One of our brands, USG People the Netherlands, recently contributed to the Dutch Big Improvement Day (BID), which celebrates positive developments in Dutch society.

On 21 January 2020, a select company of Dutch business leaders and government officials joined for various inspirational sessions from which many new ideas and connections emerged. BID’s goal is to make sure that every attendee takes home at least one good idea, one good contact and one good action.

USG People is not only the proud partner of BID, but also of the online platform HelloWork (HalloWerk) in Rotterdam. At HelloWork it’s not someone’s CV that counts, but  talent and motivation. At BID, Marjolein Borsboom of USG People, shared some impressive success stories that illustrate how HelloWork helps to connect people and organizations.

Happy employees 

Neuropsychologist Margriet van der Heijden

USG People also moderated the session ‘It's people that matter; Developing and retaining talent’, which focussed on the crucial role played by ‘happy employees’. Research shows that ‘happy employees’ are more productive, report sick less often and are less likely to look for another job. Neuropsychologist Margriet van der Heijden ( ->) and behavioral scientist Christianne van de Beek, talent program managers at USG People, explained what it takes for organizations to attract talent and retain them by nurturing ‘happy employees’.

For example, through a company culture that is built on appreciation and positive expectations. People feel happier through the release of so-called ‘happy chemicals’ into the brain. In the session attendees discussed how organizations can ensure that these chemicals are released in large quantities during work. Happy employees ensure happy customers!

Christianne van de Beek

USG People The Netherlands focusses on the sustainable employability of people

Margriet and Christianne (->) also explained why it is so important for employees to continue to develop and challenge themselves and what happens in your brain when you learn new things. With USG People College, USG People The Netherlands offers its candidates the opportunity to invest in their development through various training opportunities. This enables them to remain in control of their own careers in a rapidly changing labour market. Continuous learning not only has a positive impact on a personal level, but also benefits organizations. By focusing on the development of their employees, they can make the most of untapped potential and build lasting relationships with satisfied, involved and loyal employees.

USG People at Dutch Big Improvement Day 2020