Peoplebank on a mission to become Asia Pacific’s leading talent solutions provider

Peoplebank has started on a journey to become Asia Pacific’s leading talent solutions provider. Peoplebank wants to have reached this goal by 2021.

‘Close to the summit’

Peoplebank’s CEO Peter Acheson calls this mission ‘a journey to a distant summit’. “We have the opportunity to transition from a very good company to a great company.” In an inspiring video Acheson asks the employees of Peoplebank and subsidiary company Porterallen ‘what they would do if they were close to scaling their summit’.

The lighthouse brand

By 2021 Peoplebank wants to be the lighthouse brand in Asia Pacific’s staffing industry. The company aims to be the chosen thought leader in talent solutions, an established provider in SOW and MSP/RPO, with a reputation for having the most dedicated, knowledgeable and professional employees in the market.

‘Open and enthusiastic’

In a world reshaped by technology Peoplebank seeks to further increase its interactions with its brand and to distribute more talent solutions content across digital marketing channels. Acheson: “We see a potential in Peoplebank and in our employees. We can reach our summit if all of us stand up with open and enthusiastic hearts and take the necessary steps to reach your own extraordinary potentials.”

Peoplebank’s 3 year plan to become Asia Pacific’s leading talent solutions provider inspired Acheson in directing a motivating video for the company.