Staff Service Group

We provide more work opportunities for individuals, companies and society

Who we are

We provide comprehensive HR services, with a focus on staffing but including permanent placement and outsourcing services. With locations across all 47 prefectures in Japan and more than 80,000 temporary staff, we serve clients in five business areas: Clerical, Engineering, IT, Manufacturing and Nursing care, healthcare & medical.

What we do

As employment, work patterns and economic structures continue to change and diversify, we respond according to such changing needs of companies and individuals. We address labor supply challenges and create many job opportunities. We promote employee training and career support, and as a result we are successful in finding work opportunities

even for job seekers who lack experience. We also address any issues that may arise concerning work and employment. In short: we are contributing to a world in which people who want to work can do so with a sense of security. 

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