Recruit Holdings’ support to the people in Ukraine, including €1M for charity

RGF Staffing’s parent company Recruit Holdings is donating a total of €1 million to international organizations for humanitarian aid. As Recruit Group and RGF Staffing we stand in solidarity with the people affected by the conflict in Ukraine as they fight for their lives and freedom. We are deeply shocked, saddened and concerned by the growing humanitarian and refugee crisis.

Freedom and peace are invaluable assets we should be ready to defend and support. After all, only in a truly free and peaceful environment can people be themselves, develop their potential and prosper as a result.

Recruit Group and its operating companies are taking various steps to support the people affected by the conflict in Ukraine.

  • Recruit Holdings’ total of €1 million in donations will benefit the UN refugee agency UNHCR, UNICEF, and The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).
  • Recruit Group operating companies are also making different types of contributions to humanitarian efforts.
  • RGF Staffing is donating to Giro555. This is a Dutch relief organization in which 11 collaborating aid organizations join forces to support Ukrainian communities in need.
  • Several Recruit Group operating companies are encouraging and matching employee contributions. For example, Indeed opened up a campaign for Indeed employees to support Ukrainian efforts.
  • Recruit Group operating companies have suspended business in Russia and are moderating content accordingly. For example, all job offerings will be removed from Russian military/state-owned enterprises. And moderators are now conducting enhanced reviews of all user content submitted to Russian employers sanctioned by the U.S. government, and are rejecting all reviews featuring propaganda, political references or advocacy-related references.