Four of our female leaders named in SIA’s 2021 Global Power 150

SIA 2021 Global Power 150 Perry,Prospero-origineel

At RGF Staffing, we are fully committed to creating a more diverse, inclusive and equal society. Providing opportunities for women in our board positions is one of the first pillars of our promise, and of that of our parent company, Recruit Holdings. That's why we're proud that four female leaders of the global Recruit family feature in the SIA Global Power 150, which celebrates the most influential women in staffing.

“First of all I want to congratulate Suzanne Perry, Jennifer Prospero, Ayano "Sena" Senaha, and Mio Kashiwamura with this fantastic nomination. They fully deserve it”, said Rob Zandbergen, CEO RGF Staffing. Perry and Prospero both work for Staffmark Group (proud member of the RGF Staffing family). Senaha and Kashiwamura work for Recruit Holdings.

“I believe this election is not only in recognition of their own work, but also of the way we as company are working on a more diverse and equal organization. Which of course encompasses much  more than creating opportunities for women in leadership. I can speak at length about the benefits a diverse and equal company brings, but it’s important to emphasize these go beyond financial results. It also boosts people’s personal growth, enhances mutual understanding and thus contributes to a more inclusive world for all”, according to Zandbergen, who himself received a nomination in the SIA’s 2021 Staffing 100 Europe. In its Staffing 100 Europe list, SIA recognizes each year a diverse group of influential European staffing leaders who are elevating the ecosystem and taking it forward. “I am honored with this nomination, but I would especially like to spotlight our four nominated female leaders for the Global Power 150.”

Jennifer Prospero

While she is responsible for the fiscal integrity of Staffmark Group, Jennifer Prospero prioritizes people ahead of numbers. When faced with ever-changing challenges during the pandemic, she focused on the health and safety of all. As a result, productivity, efficiency, and employee satisfaction increased. 

Suzanne Perry

As chief human resources officer, Suzanne Perry is focused on the ongoing professional growth and development of employees. She recently created a strategic pandemic response plan for talent retention and a talent strategy with a new performance and productivity tool. Perry also champions sustainability efforts and leads Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) initiatives, and she partners with the global company diversity council to ensure equity alignment. She is passionate about helping people achieve their personal and professional goals.

“I am proud of Jennifer and Suzanne’s leadership and their many accomplishments, including this well-deserved recognition from SIA,” said Geno Cutolo, CEO of Staffmark Group.

Ayano "Sena" Senaha

Ayano “Sena” Senaha is chief operating officer, managing corporate executive officer and a director at Recruit Holdings. Senaha, who assumed the COO role earlier this year, has played a significant role in the globalization of Recruit Group. Senaha joined Recruit Holdings in 2006 and was transferred to London in 2012, where she served the newly acquired Advantage Group Ltd. She also served as chief of staff at Indeed Inc.

Mio Kashiwamura

Mio Kashiwamura currently serves as corporate executive officer (public relations) at Recruit Holdings. Her previous roles include president and representative director of Recruit Staffing Co., Ltd., a staffing firm in Japan and SBU executive officer of Recruit Global Staffing B.V. (current RGF Staffing B.V.).