RGF Staffing's Younited offers self-employed professionals full service and new business

RGF Staffing The Netherlands introduces Younited

A new and distinctive platform for self-employed professionals offers support in accounting, contract management and acquisition of assignments.

With Younited, RGF Staffing the Netherlands launches an online platform to help self-employed professionals focus on their core business: performance on the assignments. Younited.nl takes over all other activities, from administrative handling and preparing contracts to acquisition of business. The accessible portal also makes it possible for self-employed professionals to come into contact with approximately 10,000 potential clients.

We have launched this platform in response to the wishes of the rapidly growing number of self-employed professionals ("ZZPs") in the Netherlands. "Today's ZZP needs to be a jack-of-all-trades who have to do everything themselves, leaving them less time to attend to their assignments. Our Younited.nl platform offers support in all kinds of activities that must be done but that are very time-consuming" - says Eric de Jong, interim CEO at RGF Staffing the Netherlands.

Complete solution for self-employed professionals

RGF Staffing the Netherlands (formerly: USG People Nederland) is one of the largest HR service providers. The group includes brands such as Unique, Start People, Secretary Plus, and USG Professionals. With Younited, RGF Staffing the Netherlands now also provides a full service solution for self-employed professionals. 

Younited meets several needs at the same time. It offers access to clients, has a community where ZZPs can come into contact with other self-employed professionals, and provides support in various practical matters, such as contract management, time recording and invoicing. Younited focuses on ZZPs charging a minimum hourly rate of 35 euros. This way, the portal expressly distances itself from any disputable types of self-employment.

Number of ZZPs rapidly growing

The number of self-employed professionals has grown substantially over the past few years. In 2020, there were 1.1 million ZZPs, where, today, 1 in every 7 workers in the Netherlands is self-employed. The number is expected to grow even further in the next few years.

Go to www.younited.nl for free registration.