Thousands of new trees thanks to RGF Staffing France

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Headquartered in the Netherlands, RGF Staffing operates internationally, with a significant impact on the environment. As a company, our environmental awareness has sparked our desire to take responsibility for said impact. Our operating companies each contribute to our common goal in their own way. A good example is Start People France, part of RGF Staffing France, which is helping to plant 33,000 trees in its own country.

This year, Start People France decided to take decisive action alongside EcoTree to strengthen its environmental commitments. Start People France has just launched a five-year CSR plan, and reducing its carbon footprint is one of its pillars. With this goal in mind, the company plans to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 3 percent per year, in other words 15 percent by 2025. For several years, bringing together societal and environmental concerns has been part of the values of Start People France.

An investment that benefits the environment, biodiversity and the local economy

EcoTree is a sustainable forestry company that is digitizing and democratizing investment in local European forests and biodiversity. Its ground-breaking model is an opportunity for businesses to invest in the creation and maintenance of forests.

By partnering up with EcoTree, Start People France is funding the planting of more than 33,000 trees in France over the next five years. In March, Start People France planted its first tree in the heart of the Luthenay Forest in the French region of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté.

The future Start People forests will become carbon sinks, absorbing the emissions that the business cannot reduce or eliminate. They will also enable the reforestation of derelict areas and thus contribute to preserving French biodiversity.

‘A demonstration of sustainable economy’

Rob Zandbergen, CEO of RGF Staffing, is proud
of the major project undertaken by his
colleagues in France: "Start People France is demonstrating in concrete ways how they contribute to a more sustainable economy. As a global HR partner, RGF Staffing is well aware of our impact on the environment. That is why we take action and strive to reduce our negative impact on the environment by addressing
climate change, resource conservation and biodiversity conservation. One of our Five Material Matters is focused on conserving the environment, thereby contributing  Sustainable Development Goal 13 (Climate Action) of the United Nations." 

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