USG People the Netherlands becomes RGF Staffing the Netherlands

RGF Staffing NL and RGF Staffing Ge

Global impact through local strength

RGF Staffing is proud to announce that as of 29th April, USG People the Netherlands will adopt a new name: RGF Staffing the Netherlands. A new name for a leading player on the local staffing market, with established and renowned brands such as Start People, Unique, USG Professionals, Secretary Plus, ASA, Medi Interim, Technicum, and USG Freelance. Earlier, USG Germany also adopted a new name: RGF Staffing Germany.

RGF Staffing is short for Recruit Global Family. And that is exactly what we are: a network of local brands which form a global family and share the same values. RGF Staffing, with the largest network of HR service providers in the world, has its operations in Europe, Japan, North America and Oceania and helps about 300,000 people find work every day.

Of great value

In the Netherlands, the new name puts the spotlight on the strengths of local brands, including Start People, Unique, USG Professionals, Secretary Plus, ASA, Medi Interim, Technicum, and USG Freelance. Eric de Jong, CEO ad interim at RGF Staffing the Netherlands: “With the rebranding we are taking the next step in the adventure that Unique started in the Netherlands almost 50 years ago. Unique is still a very strong brand within our network. Over the years multiple brands have been added which are deeply rooted in the local labor market and close to our clients and candidates in every way. With the expertise of our employees, smart technology, digitalization and our global network of specialists, we can deliver on our promise of ‘faster, simpler, closer’ to our clients, while maintaining a local focus.”

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RGF Staffing Germany

On February 8th 2021, USG People Germany - with the brands Unique and Secretary Plus - also renamed: RGF Staffing Germany. Country Director Philipp Geyer. “Being part of the RGF Staffing family makes us proud and enhances our capacity to build a bright future for Unique, Unique Medicum, Secretary Plus and Technicum, our clients and candidates.”

With the rebranding in The Netherlands and Germany the transition of all former USG People countries is completed. USG People Belgium and USG People France already adopted their new names. With the introduction of the new name the cooperation between all RGF Staffing members will be strengthened, enabling them to use each other’s knowledge and better helping all clients and candidates.

Support from a global network

Rob Zandbergen, CEO RGF Staffing, says: “We want to bring across the message of our bond more effectively. After all, it has clear and direct benefits for both our customers and candidates. It means our local experts are backed up by a global network of industry experts and a financially strong mother organization, with annual revenues of 12 billion dollars. It also means we have the scale and ambition to invest in innovative services with real added value. Including smart, digital solutions - an area where we also benefit from our family connections with pioneers like Indeed and Glassdoor. Like RGF Staffing, they too are proud members of Recruit Holdings. Recruit Holdings is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. It’s total revenue in 2019 was 22 billion dollars and the current market cap is 80 billion dollars.”