USG People The Netherlands changes direction


USG People The Netherlands changes direction to adapt to rapidly changing job market

USG People The Netherlands has presented its new direction. To be able to respond even better to the rapidly changing job market, the second largest temporary employment agency in the Netherlands is changing its organisational structure, with one joint board and a clearer focus on sectors to enable the organization to fulfil the role of ‘director of work’ even better.

At the same time the organization is increasing its investment in digitisation. Well-known names such as Unique and Start People will continue to exist as independent brands with USG People as overriding brand. The ambition is to work together to provide 100,000 people with meaningful jobs each year.

Helping the job market

“There are over a quarter of a million unfilled vacancies in the Netherlands and yet there are large groups of people who are unable to get a job. With the many changes currently visible in the job market – including shortages, technological advances, transparency and flexibilisation – the market is in jeopardy of grinding to a halt. As the number 2 player in the Dutch market, USG People has a responsibility to address this and help the job market stay healthy,” said USG People The Netherlands CEO Raymond Puts.

“To better meet this challenge better we have adjusted our organisational structure and from now on will operate jointly from within USG People to minimise the mismatch between supply and demand.”

Focus on people

“Combining our activities gives us an extremely broad knowledge of the most important market sectors,” Puts said. “This will increase our ability to use targeted training to help bridge the gap between supply and demand while helping fill those quarter of a million job vacancies. As the name USG People suggests, the focus of our new direction will be even more on people. Working together as a single organization will increase our ability to deal with people individually and advise them on possible retraining options to develop new skills. Our new USG People College will play a role in this.”

USG People as umbrella organization

The USG People brands will be positioned clearer. That way candidates and companies looking for a new job or new talent will have a better idea what to expect from the brands.

At the same time USG People will focus even more on the markets in which it is strong. USG People will be the umbrella brand above the independent formulas of Start People, Unique, USG Professionals, USG Engineering, Technicum, ASA, Secretary Plus, Easy Way and Receptel. This will enable us to respond quickly to changes in the market, while allowing the formulas to benefit from the combined expertise. And we will be able to increase engagement, commitment and training while serving our existing and future clients in a more focused way and making the digital possibilities available to even more people.

This ambition is a perfect fit within our parent company Recruit Global Staffing whose global temporary employment activities are complemented by the world’s largest vacancy site Indeed and the latest addition Glassdoor.

The focus of our new direction will be even more on people.

Employees understand change of direction

No jobs will be lost in our front-office organization as a result of the changes, while our employees in the field organization will be supported by the new organization out of a combined head office with high-quality expertise in each subarea. The reallocation of the support function will on balance result in the loss of several jobs. The new focus on expertise will also lead to the hiring of new employees with specific know-how.

All of our general managers and unit management will be able to remain on board to deliver this great contribution. “Our employees have reacted positively to the changes. They understand the choices we are making and the step feels like a logical one to them,” said Puts.

New board

The new board, which will take up its new umbrella role as of 1 December 2018, will consist of five members:

Raymond Puts – CEO 
Johan Bogaard – Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Leonie Belonje - Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO)
Marion van Happen - Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Adriaan Belonje – Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)